More Information and Benefits of Air Charter Planes

For some individuals and families Air Charter Plane service is a luxury, but for others it is a necessity. Air Charter Planes are not always just for the wealthy, affluent individuals and celebrity vacations. Although many private plane users do use air charter planes for vacationing, this service is also used for corporate jet charter, companies needing to transport cargo, families going on vacation, and patients who may need medical air charters.

Air Charter Planes are certainly not inexpensive, and most of the time will be much many times the cost when comparing with flying commercial. Sometimes air charter planes service can be more cost effective than using commercial due to the departure and arrival times, along with the ability to land at smaller airports closer to your destination which could save you a lot of time in the car.
Some benefits of using air charter plane service are as follows:

  • When using Air Charter Plane Service you will have your own aircraft for the trip.
  • Since you are essentially Renting the Air Charter Plane, you are able to depart on your preferred schedule.
  • There is much more privacy than flying commercially and there will be no strangers sitting next to you.
  • When using an Air Charter Plane you will not need to wait on lines to check your bags, or wait to collect them after your flight.
  • Depending on your flight and air charter plane type used, you may not need to go through any security at all.
    • If your flight does require security, this normally is just a background check and a no fly list check prior to the flight.
    • There will not be long lines for security and you will not have a rigorous airport security pat down that feels violating.
    • Sometimes when flying internationally, customs may take a few minutes to pass through. Each airport will be different.

These are just some of the reasons that private flyers love to use Air Charter Planes for their travel. Contact Us now with any questions!

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