Air Charter Plane Rates

Air Charter Plane Rates and Cost

Air Charter Plane rates will vary between each booking of private air charters flights.

There are many factors that will come into play such as:

  • Where will you need to depart and arrival with your air charter flight
  • How long will you be staying at the destination
  • If you are planning a one way flight, round trip, multi-stop flight, or booking an empty leg jet charter; these will effect your air charter pricing.
  • Depending on the amount of passengers on your flight will be a factor in selecting which air charter plane is right for your mission.
  • The distance of your flight will also play a major role in the airplane charter rates for your flight.

For longer trips you may need to hire a midsize jet charter, or a heavy jet charter, which will increase your charter plane prices. For shorter flights within a region you may be able to use a twin engine piston, a turbo prop charter plane or a light jet charter.

Many air charter companies (including ours) post hourly rate for aircraft but it is very difficult to calculate what a total trip will cost just using these numbers. In addition to the posted hourly rate you can expect to pay additional fuel surcharges, landing and ramp fees, special airport fees, handling fees and if you need catering – that too!

For domestic flights within the USA, or within 225 miles of the border, if you are hiring an air charter plane that is over 6,000 lbs (Most turbo props, all light jets, midsize jets and heavy jets), you can expect to pay 7.5% F.E.T. (Federal Excise Tax) along with additional segment fees per passenger which are minimal. However, there is no F.E.T. on international flights but their may be international handling fees and high airport taxes.

To learn more about rates for private air charters, simply fill out the “Quick Quote” form above and we will happily supply air charter rates for your trip. Don’t worry about it being so complicated, we will take all the work in our hands and supply you with competitive rates along with a total breakdown of your flight.

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