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Charter Vs. Commercial

Compare Private Air Charter Planes to First Class

First class and business class on commercial jets certainly have their benefit. Bigger seats, better food, and the airlines even make you feel special by allowing you to board first. Although this is much better than coach class in the main cabin, it definitely does not compare to flying in an air charter plane for your trip.

The Air Charter Plane charter cost vs. commercial

Ever wondering how much is it to fly in a private air charter plane? It is very difficult to compare the cost of flying in an air charter plane to the cost of First Class seats. This would be like comparing apples and oranges. Flying in a private air charter plane will most likely be many times more expensive. Flying private is not for everyone, but for those who can afford, or cannot afford to not – flying private is a special way to travel.

There are great benefits, such as:

1) Less time traveling

2) Significantly more convenient.

The cost to fly first class will usually be much less expensive than the cost to fly private, but your travel is still dictated by the commercial airlines. You will depart on the schedule set by the airline, and leave from the airport and terminal of their choice. This may cost you more than your savings on the ticket after spending all the time traveling in the car (ground transportation or rental car) if you need to reach a remote location. What if you need to reach many locations in one day? It may not even be possible using commercial first class seating.

In addition, waiting on lines in the airport to check in, check and collect your luggage, security lines, and of course boarding and de-boarding the aircraft all prove to be big time wasters for first class flyers.

The cost of chartering a plane will depend on your route, how many passengers you will be traveling with, and the type of charter plane you will be using. First class vs. private charter planes are two different forms of travel, each having their own benefits and advantages.

The Comfort, Air Charter Plane vs. First Class

Not all charter planes are more comfortable than first class. The smaller sized private planes have less headroom and some you may not be able to stand up in when flying. This is certainly a trade-off if you like to walk around the cabin when in flight. Depending on how long your flight is, and the distance you will be traveling you can request larger aircraft if this is important to you. On the other hand, there are also private planes for charter that are extremely luxurious and have plush seats and sofa’s that can turn into full sized beds, flat screen TV’s, and remember, the entire cabin is yours.